Nordstrom Sale 2018

Time for a new lesson, everybody-- how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a professional! Not only do I have my teaching credential, Master's Degree, and other certifications, but I have an honorary degree in shopping. 

So, here's how to #NSALE 2018

Screenshot 2018-07-08 21.46.49.png

Important Dates

July 12 - Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders. Not a cardholder? Apply now

July 20 - August 5 - Sale opens to public. 

*Also, it takes time to put things together so if you would help me, I would appreciate it! Please visit my website and click my Nordstrom sale links and then browse about the items. That will help me generate a very small commission for my curation of items, no matter what you buy. But please, click here first then shop yo' hearts out! 


Shop My Picks for Fall

Here are the projected top sellers for Fall 2018-- a.k.a. "the-things-that-are-going-to-sell-out-so-buy-them now-in-whatever-size-so-that-if-they-restock-you-can-buy-them" items. INHALE. There were a few things I snagged last year that sold out, I am GLAD I got them because I saw them all over the Internet as the most coveted items-- and then other brands started knocking them off and they weren't as good as the originals!


Note: I will be providing links to these items and as a gift to me, if you are planning to purchase them, please purchase them from those links. Each link I send you allows me to receive a very small commission, which I am grateful to receive. A lot of work goes into selecting, tagging, commenting, posting, and marketing these items. As a teacher, this little side hustle is invigorating for me, but when it yields a small dividend, it keeps me going!

Photo by KhongkitWiriyachan/iStock / Getty Images

Make Room / Get Organized

While I am curating a list of Teacher Must-Haves, I am making room in my closet and removing the things I have not worn in at least the past year, or do not fit me like I want them to. I tend to collect things and find ways to rationalize them so I invite you to join me in cleansing yourself of the excess, which allows you to see what you truly "need" to add to your wardrobe. Put the "discards" in a pile, donate them (I'll list some good avenues to donate or resell if they're designer), and make a list of the things you would like to see yourself in coming this fall 2018 season. 

If you watched my Instastory, I talked about being realistic with your daily life and buying things that will complement that lifestyle. Work, social life, parenting, workout, etc. and buy accordingly.